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United Marine Survyors , Is an independent survey company established in Alexandria – Egypt . It is owned & managed by a professional surveyor registered in The Financial Regulatory Authority under No.1086, he has been working for 25 years as P&I club surveyor, Claim adjuster, Assessor & Marine insurance surveyor. The company is continually researching new markets and expanding its worldwide network through a combination of our own wholly owned companies and similarly sized associated partners.

Our Clients , The Clients of United Marine Surveyors are Ship Owners, Charterers, Consignees, Cargo owners, P&I Clubs, Banks, Cargo terminals, Bunkering and Trading companies, Survey and inspection companies.

We providing a complete range of inspection service for manufacturers, retailers, shippers,traders, ships Owners, governments, Shipping agents as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products.

Our activities had been expanded to cover all the Egyptian ports' consignees, final warehouses and inland roads (accidents) 24 hours daily.

In addition, United Marine Surveyors can oversee on your behalf all or any part of a commercial transaction or operation related to the buying, selling, trading and moving of raw materials, commodities, industrial plant equipment, and consumer goods. We act as your eyes and ears.

Whether you are an importer or exporter, buyer, manufacturer or trader, United Marine Surveyors is dedicated to the elimination of risk. We serve all industries and many government and international aid organisations.

United Marine Surveyors conform to the quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015

United Marine Surveyors rigestred in Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) NO.49/2010

United Marine Surveyors is the only a Agency in Egypt for Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) (Bunker Quantity Surveyors ,Sampilg & on /off hire bunker survey)

United Marine Surveyors is agency for MedScan Services.Pte.Ltd

United Marine Surveyors is offical partner for Argemon Shipping Survey Inspections Services Co.Ltd.

Our Mission

The main task of United Marine Surveyors is professional accomplishment of qualified collection,

handling and provision of reliable information to the client during inspections and after completion. Our purpose to render the maximum assistance to partners of the company in safe and effective conducting their business and protection of their interests.

The existing structure of the company and professionalism of her employees having a good work experience inspection company allows us to be confident in quality of accomplishment of services and provision reports according to the Egyptian and international standard forms.


Our Services

We offering the following survey and expert services:

Inland transport inspections

Inspecting means of conveyance for cleanliness, water tight integrity, security and weight.

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Cargo Damage Survey

Covers a detailed report of damage ascertained, loses, reasons and cause. Investigating the reasons for the damage to the cargo, supported by evidence, documents and photographs.

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Pre-loading Cargo Survey

Inspecting the general condition of various cargoes (metal products, general cargoes and refrigerated products) prior to and concurrently with the loading / discharging, which includes estimation of overall degree of degrade, preliminary findings reflecting the cargo pre-loading condition and final findings which reflect the cargo loading/discharging condition at the time of the inspection and reporting.

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Ship inspections

On-Hire condition and bunker surveys, cargo compartment salinity tests, damage investigation, cleanliness surveys and supervision of hold cleanliness requirements.

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Draft Survey

Determination of bulk cargo quantity loaded or discharged for the benefit of Principals. Report includes draft calculations and as an addendum, a tank sounding report for the ballast / fresh water or fuel tanks with a Letter of Reserve, if necessary.

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Supervision of (Loading / Discharging)

Includes round the clock control of cargo operations, noting all delays, rejecting cargo which is not in conformity with Principals instructions or contractual specif ication or according to mutually agreed Standards of specification and quality, followed by daily and final reports with photographs.

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Loss Prevention Consultation

We can consult with our Clients and advise ways to avoid / prevent losses of cargo and suggest the practical solutions and performance.

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Bunker Survey

Is an ullage / sounding survey carried out to ascertain the quantity of all bunkers remaining on board at the date and hour of survey, with same to be used as a datum point for the bunkers remaining on delivery/re-delivery of the vessel to Charterers service. The Survey could be done as an integral part of On/Off-hire Survey. Alternatively, careful and controlled assessment of hydrocarbon loaded or discharged.

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Consultants & Assessors

Manned with experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge on the local and International markets, ports/factory regulations, shipping and transport organizations, International Maritime Law, are ready to assist our Clients in all aspects of transportation by sea or land conveyance.

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On / Off Hire Survey

Inspection of the vessel's technical condition at delivery / re-delivery into/from Time Charterers / Despondent Owners service, including general condition of hull, deck, cargo compartments and deck machinery, examination of certificates etc. The report provided with hard copy or digital photos of the inspected vessel and, if required, includes the issuing of Bunker Survey Report combined with a Delivery/Re-delivery Certificate.

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Hatch Cover Watertight Testing

Nondestructive methods of water tight inspection using chalk, water or specialist ultrasound equipment, prior to loading and also could be conducted as part of the vessel's technical condition survey.

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Sealing / Unsealing Hatch Covers& Access Way

To prevent unauthorized access to the vessels cargo carrying compartments when on passage and requires applying/breaking seals to/from every possible cargo compartment access. As an addendum to the final report annexed is the "Hold Closure Seal Certificate" with a detailed description of each seal location.

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Supervision of discharging, weighing and condition of steel cargoes

Full supervision during discharging onboard the vessel, tallying the quantity of cargo unloaded from the vessel, protesting the vessel for any damage or shortage to the cargo, Supervision of weighing at customs scale and issuing survey certificate.

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Suitability Survey

Performing of a visual inspection of all the holds internal construction and the ships general condition to ascertain the suitability of the vessel for the intended voyage, noting defects or deficiencies, if any that would affect the vessel's performance, together with digital photographs of the findings.

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Lashing / Choking & Securing Supervision / Assessment

Having a wealth of practical experience supervising the loading and supervision of steels, general cargo, project shipments and heavy lift cargoes, the strength and depth of our knowledge can be drawn upon to ensure that ocean passages are undertaken with the minimum of risk and out-turn damage.

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Vegetable Oil Surveys

Sampling and analysis surveys covering Palm Oil products, Sun seed oil. Tank calibration by ullage or dips. Fertilizers and mineral shipments - sampling, supervision and on-site analysis to include hold cleanliness inspections, draft (and quantity by deadweight or silo) surveys

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Tally Service

Cargo piece count (all steel products, general and frozen cargoes) throughout the process of loading or discharging to / from vessel holds, rail wagons or trucks; rejecting of damaged bags, cases, units etc., supported by dail y reports, tally sheets and Final Tally Report. Paint separation or marking of the cargo loaded onboard can also be performed.

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Our Team

A staff of the company is expert valuers, surveyor and inspectors with a wide experience of work in the surveyor companies of the international level, mechanics and boat masters who know and understand details of carrying out independent examination and an assessment.

Mostafa Ahmed
- Quality Engineer -
Hassan Metwaly
- Senior Surveyors -

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